New issue of The Veteran now on line

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New issue of The Veteran now on line

(PHOTOS: 1)Dan at the Federal Building in San Francisco giving a speech to a huge crowd of protesters during the Moratorium where Dan and others threw their medals into a coffin in protest of Nixon's invasion of neutral Cambodia escalating the war in the face of massive protests.2)Kent State May 4 1970 "4 Dead in Ohio" from the National Guard.3)People's Park Berkeley in the early 70's site of many a protest and community action.4)Helicopter spraying tear gas on the U.C. Berkeley Campus during protests against the Vietnam War. 5) Joan, Shiva, and Dan at their Berkeley Apartment 1970-2)

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Dan and Joan with Shiva in Berkeley

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Plunge Diver

          brown pelican soars over still ocean        

Brown Pelican glides

pelican soars over waves        

Soars over cobalt water

Brown Pelican in air        

Neck against shoulders

Under cotton clouds

Miami Beach clouds turquoise water        

Casts shadow on surface.

Yellow beak, white head, brown crown,

Brown Pelican Plunges        

Black and grey feathers, wings spread,

Chest puffed

Spots silver scales glint,

Plunges wings folded

Crashes on swell.

pelican hits water        

Shatters silence

Splatters white plume skyward.

Three gallon pouch opens

Scoops shock-stunned fish.

Pops to surface,

Tips head forward,

Empties bill.

Tosses head back

Positions prey,

Pelican's pouch catching fish          

Swallows anchovies whole,

Deluge drains off oil-preened feathers.




Wings away.

McGrath State Beach Pelican gliding              




porpoise in water near Catalina          

Keeper of Nature’s balance

porpoise 2

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