Get on Obama’s Train

(Sing to Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues) Obama’s train is moving

It’s rolling around the bend

Corporations now are people

And big money they spend

Helping Romney and Ryan

Work for the one per cent

Obama’s team has a plan

To bring full job development

Along come young Paul Ryan

And rich stiff Mitt Romney

Both are out of touch

And act like royalty

Obama offers each of us

A much better way

Fair taxes for the rich and

Make Wall Street greed pay

He ended the Iraq War

Osama Bin Laden’s gone

Put an end to torture

Kept America strong

Say no to tea-party neo-cons

Who just want to disrupt

Vote for worker’s rights

And prosecute the corrupt

Most thoughtful world leaders

From East to the West

Support Obama’s platform

His vision is the best

Alternative energy and

And more efficient fuel

Higher teacher pay

No dumbing down of schools

Close all tax loopholes

Don’t subsidize petrol

Environmental protection

Immigration reform and gun control

Tax cuts for working families

Restore our economy

Strengthen alliances abroad

Fight terror relentlessly

On January 20th

Of the year 2013

Obama’s leadership restored

A more secure world scene

Nations around the world

Will join America once more

Encouraging all people to

Seek peace instead of war.


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About Daniel C. Lavery

Dan’s writing shows his transformation from a child to an athlete and a Duke pre-ministerial student where he began to question ancient and arbitrary dogma. He graduated from Annapolis, navigated a Navy jet, and a ship to Vietnam, fell in love, turned peace activist and a civil rights lawyer for Cesar Chavez's UFW. His memoir, "All the Difference," describes the experiences, some humorous and others deadly, that changed his consciousness from a pawn to an advocate crusading for justice against some of the most powerful forces in America.

2 thoughts on “Get on Obama’s Train

  1. excellent!!!! i’m glad romney chose ryan. it shows the differences even more. lets hope and educate people so they don’t vote for a candidate that isn’t in their and the majority of the people’s best interest.

    • I’m going to a phone bank Friday from 4:30 PM to 7PM in Granada Hills at a Starbucks. Join me if you can. We must do what we can in the time left to prevent these people from ruining our country. Dan

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