Baby Boy in My Arms

Baby Boy in my arms

Hot and sweating from crying

Alone and feeling sorry

Parents at formal party

Took him to flowing ribbons

Translucent colors shimmer

Glinting as light reflected

Blue eyes brighten in wonder

We move through color curtain

Elated boy smiles and coos

Enthralled by the here and now

Tiny fingers on curtain

Brush away tears on his face

Grampa hums, whistles and sings

Connected in love-embrace

Ages so different yet close

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About Daniel C. Lavery

Dan’s writing shows his transformation from a child to an athlete and a Duke pre-ministerial student where he began to question ancient and arbitrary dogma. He graduated from Annapolis, navigated a Navy jet, and a ship to Vietnam, fell in love, turned peace activist and a civil rights lawyer for Cesar Chavez's UFW. His memoir, "All the Difference," describes the experiences, some humorous and others deadly, that changed his consciousness from a pawn to an advocate crusading for justice against some of the most powerful forces in America.

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