The Audacity to BE Robin: A Tribute to Robin Williams By Cynthia Piano

A passionate poem in tribute to a man whose words and actions touched anyone who listened, watched, and felt what Robin Williams was about. Dan
August 19, 2014

Robin Williams lives on in our compassion, love and deep sensitivity to the feelings of the world. Releasing the pain and incorporating more self love may be the model for us all.
Robin Williams by Public Domain
The Audacity to BE Robin: A Tribute to Robin Williams
Robin Williams is HOME
In his own true consciousness
Committed suicide they said
Totally misunderstanding his role
Exposing the lack of compassion, love and understanding
Of the alien in all of us
Rich in depth and clarity of BEing SOUL
Capturing and wildly expressing
The TRUE soul
The OPEN soul
The ONENESS of soul
That links all of us to our REAL, INNATE way of Being
Overflowing with courage and creativity
Wandering into the depths of the rabbit hole
And burrowing further down to the core
Of the HEART
Of the divinity
Of the ONE
The true, wise, uncontained shaman of modern times
Allowing us all to vision and venture beyond
Our limits
Society's limits
Boundaries artificially shored by laughter and smile
He was the blue genie in the bottle
Granting wishes of freedom
To BE who you are
No matter what others think, say, and bully
We cracked up with him
In our minds, our hearts, and our souls
As he blew away the remnants of the misuse of power
The false masks of politician and private citizen alike
That no longer serve the whole
So substantially embodying the
Sacred masculine of strength, right use of power, and protection
And the divine feminine of compassion, nourishment of all, and mother love
Giving birth to inner and outer FREEDOM
Sounding the joy and passion of the animals
He could BECOME one
In an instant
With a body movement, a hand gesture, a facial expression
A sound
The trumpet of an elephant
The flight of a bird
The hiss of cat
And the warmth and pleasure of a canine
Catering to the awesome innocence of the child
That still resides in all of US
He cared too much for public and private pain
He recognized and empathically sensed the consequences of separation
The lonely state
Abandoned and bereft of love
Perhaps for himself
Perhaps for all
Only he knows
Only he can judge how it FEELS now
In my mind and heart
He was not the crazy one
We who do not integrate the feeling
And accept the whole of us
Copyright 2014 Cynthia G. Piano
Written 08/14/2014
Submitters Bio:
Founder, Oneness House ~ A Spiritual Spa; Writer, Visionary, co-creator of the New Earth, Spiritual Mentor, Inspirational and Transformational Healer/Teacher/Speaker. Awakening others to the beautiful, free, loving creators that we all are is her lifelong work. She feels that empowerment and freedom to create one's life, with harm to none, is the most important lesson of the Earth. Assisting and Consulting the individual or the business, with a work herstory in education, large and small corporate processes, sole-proprietorships, and self-development, Cynthia has experience with many environments, structures and personalities. Joy, fun, honest exposure, and dedication to simple truth are the methods used to propel people and businesses to success and happiness. She also deeply reveres the Earth, the Animals, the Plants, and all of nature. A sincere love for the planet and all with her was developed by extensive travel and study with native shaman, priests, kahuna, and other sacred teachers. Gently caring for and nurturing each other and the environment with total respect, creating peace and harmony with freedom, are her goals. Ease, comfort, enlightenment, growth and grace characterize the environment of Oneness House ~ A Spiritual Spa, the place of ahhhhhhhh and ah-ha! Relax into the human angels you are!

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