Summer Fun at Dan and Joan’s Home 2014



 We all Swam in the Lavery sparkling pool

Grandsons 5 and 9 dove off the diving board

And caught countless balls that was very cool

Oldest played many a harmonic piano chord


They hit a whiffle ball into one of many trees

Caught a football in the sand with their hands

Slid on Sean and Christina’s grass on their knees

Saw Freese hit a homerun into the stands


Smashed tiny whiffle ball onto the roof

Threw tennis balls to Ginger and Barkley

Baby granddaughter learned a dog bark woof woof

Balls fell from the roof into our pool sparkly


Boys wore Angel Jersey’s we bought

Had fun bowling for two hours after lunch

They listened, played, swam and never fought

Gibbons swung on branches and hooted a bunch


Saw three movies and Dodger and Angel Baseball

“Planes”, “Tarzan”, and “We Bought a Zoo”

Two on Blue Ray and one at the Mall

Sean marinated and made a tasty barbeque


Bed Time stories from Bill Peet and others

Nine year-old played a Beethoven piece on the piano

Good story choices approved by all mothers

Aleksey and Dan’s guitar added to the flow


Lex and Des’s friends joined them for a lunch

They, their friends, and kids joined the throng

Sean’s BBQ’d gourmet sausages’ tasty crunch

Added zest to the delightful Saturday marathon


“All’s Well That Ends Well” by Shakespeare

Will Geer’s Topanga Canyon venue never a bore

Brought from the friendly crowd a loud cheer

Dan read “Mount Fuji” at Pasadena book store


Daughter and friend enjoyed swimming at Zuma Beach

Found the surf a challenge and Nature so sweet

Saw “Much Ado About Nothing” with many a fine speech

We hope everyone will join us again soon at our retreat


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