Noon Hike at Halfmoon Bay

pelican soars over waves

Halfmoon Bay huge wave with surfer

Torrents of breeze chilled my face and hands

Dappled brown and white seagull landed

On to old tattered beach table top

Thanked him with mellow words as he stared

Gestured with my two empty hands that

Showed I brought no food for him today

Halfmoon Bay surfer

Sign warned of rip tides, strong currents, and

Dangerous sleeper waves that threatened

Hundreds of swells crushed and churned ocean

Thundered air like hundreds of drummers

Warning all of nature’s wild forces

Small birds skipped and darted with no fear

 Halfmoon Bay beach and surf

Black wet-suited surfer caught huge wave

Broke over him fifty yards from shore

Emerged with surfboard through water wall

Glided down like skier on ice slope

Sped toward shoreline and darted past me

Human seal left sand trail puffs in wake

porpoise 2

Pod of dolphin black fins broke surface

Thirty feet from wet sand that glistened

Found a bench for two a mile away

Hikers and bikers with dogs behind

Stretched their legs and moved into the wind

Clouds circled in wisps over our heads

Halfmoon Bay Map

Hiked back to our car and left for town

Stores for clothes, books, coffee shops, and more

Found a grill for a salad and meal

Smiling dwellers in eclectic town

Fifteen miles from massive traffic jams

Cement, cars, highways, and industry

Halfmoon Bay many surfers

McGrath Beach many least terns and brwon pelican

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