Thanksgiving Thoughts on Immigration

In the autumn of 1621, a group of people who had long inhabited this land sat down with a group of immigrants calling themselves Pilgrims to celebrate a successful harvest. Initially, the native born had been suspicious of the new immigrants. The newcomers had come from across the sea without permission and without any rights over the land they occupied (you might even call them undocumented). They dressed oddly, had a different color skin, spoke a language the native born didn’t understand, and appeared to have few practical skills (they were nearly hopeless at hunting and fishing). Nevertheless, the native born shared their knowledge with the immigrants -- of local crops, planting and harvesting, and navigation – and thereby helped the immigrants survive.

In that first Thanksgiving, three hundred ninety-three years ago, the two groups joined together to express gratitude and mutual respect. It seems fitting that today we honor subsequent generations of hard-working immigrants, as well as the native born who have welcomed and helped them succeed in this bounteous land. This would seem most appropriate since our history of later killing most, taking their lands, and subjugating them to second-class citizenship on reservations. This was the legacy of manifest destiny our Christian leaders used to justify such brutality and ignore the concept of love your neighbor as yourself! For Republicans to object to all immigration reform efforts and demand deportation of millions of people who could continue to do jobs our people will not  is keeping with our forefathers who revered slavery in the face of such teachings their religion considered fundamental! (The first paragraphs were taken from Richard Reich's post on Facebook today)


Happy Thanksgiving.

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