ALMOST HERE: WORDS ON FIRE Book Signing December 7 Noon-2PM

Words On Fire Book Signing December 7 Noon-2PM

Crown Book Store Woodland Hills

Crown Book Store Woodland Hills


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You are invited to a book signing on December 7, 2013  at Crown Book Store, 6100 Topanga Canyon Blvd. # 1340, Woodland Hills, (next door to Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant) 12-2PM Book Signing, cookies, soft drinks, and snacks, featuring Daniel C. Lavery discussing his memoir, All the Difference, reading excerpts and poems with internationally published poet Richard Weekley discussing his recent book, Already There, reading selected poems, and addressing the group in ten minute cycles followed by ten minutes mingling with the audience, answering questions, and book signings for purchasers. Plenty of time for feedback from the audience. New sessions with different words on fire will take place every thirty minutes. Words on Fire Poster

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When choosing your life's purpose, follow your heart, not Dad's advice. Transformation from a child to a musician, a three sport athlete at Morgan Park Military Academy in Chicago, Yokohama High School in Japan, and Long Beach Jordan High in California, shaped Dan's early life. A Duke two-sport athlete and frat brother, Annapolis grad, naval aviator and ship navigator, he resigned, attended Hastings College of Law, turned peace activist, and became a civil rights lawyer for Cesar Chavez's UFW and ACLU of Southern California. He faced challenges, conflicts, and dangers against some of America's most powerful forces. He retired as a civil rights attorney with thirty-four years of experience litigating wrongful termination, defamation, police misconduct cases and appeals.

A judge ordered Dan when five to leave his mother and live with Dad, a naval officer who molded him for the military. Luminous childhood moments reveal his Mom and Grandmother "Ruthie" planted seeds in Dan that were bound to sprout later. All the Difference is filled with creative images the writer developed from his love of nature, and powerful experiences, some luminous, others deadly and many humorous. The author places himself vulnerable in scenes he where he faced conflicts, romance, and adventures that challenged his wits, strength, and determination. A baseball buff, he learned resilience, tenacity, and litigation expertise against all the odds while going from a military pawn to a champion for the poor and powerless, finally able to make a difference in many lives including his own.

Daniel C.Lavery

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