An Ethereal Eurhythmy Performance by Children and their Mentor

At a Waldorf Children’s school near Lake Balboa

Elementary School Children moved on a matted floor

Performing eurhythmy to vivacious piano music.

Led by their lithe teacher, Brette Elizabeth, arrayed

In red gown with white silk veil gossamer fabric

That flowed when arms spread the flimsy delicate

Garment revealing hands and flat fingers spread

Above red shoes, lavender walls, and orange curtains.

Piano with pink,red, and white flowers and green leaves

Filled auditorium with rhythms as the excited children

Moved their limbs, with hearts glowing at the onset.

Maestro informed audience what seems difficult is simple

For youthful flaming human beings moving together.

Third and fourth graders with arms crossed on shoulders

Circled each other as wild horses in twos, clapping hands,

And charging across floor with their partner changing places.

Proud galloping stallions and energetic circling mares

Smiling faces uplifted hearts enjoyed every race’s moment.

Splendid and free fifth graders spread their arms filled with wind

Under the stability of Mother Earth each with a gold baton.

Tossing their wands to a partner with one hand and catching

With the other, they formed outside those in center of the square.

Longfellow’s words and the harmonic music of Bela Bartok

Greeted four Junior High eurythmysts advancing together,

Running and falling without regret, like a leaf on an illumined

Forest path, or smooth ocean waves rolling to shore

Rhythmically and then receding out to sea once more.

To a Johannes Brahms Intermezzo, mentor Brette Elizabeth

With hands extended gracefully glided, her wispy veil trailing,

Arms pulling in and reaching, filling the space with movement.

Joined by Joshua in yellow robes and shoes,

They adjusted to each others' hands extended effortlessly relocating

In and about, arms pulling in, and then reaching out.

Fingers extended to the sky and arms like wings they

Emulated flying hawks soaring in the blue sky above.

Smiling, confident, enjoying the moment in the pianist’s

Rhythms wafting across the room, they dazzled the audience

With coordinated colorful fluid change of position in perfect unison.

Andrew and Madame Eva read Shel Silverstein’s poem

“The Meehoo with an Exactlywatt” Brette and Joshua performed

Like a pantomime. What?Yes! Hilarity for all who gave

A thunderous praise for an ecstatic eurhythmy exhibition.


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