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SHIPMATE Magazine May-June 2014 United States Naval Academy Alumni Association

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“Finally, with regard to our efforts to showcase our classmates, we offer the following Amazon review of Dan Lavery’s autobiographical work, “All the Difference”.

“A most engrossing book that captures the life and times of a remarkable, multi-talented individual who underwent a dramatic transformation from a conservative, military-oriented, “pawn” to a crusading progressive activist. If you grew up in the 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, this will be your vehicle for nostalgic reprise of that part of your life. Written with great attention to detail and in a manner that pulls you into the pages to vicariously experience Dan’s life experiences. The writing is beautifully descriptive, allowing the reader to create detailed images of the settings involved. Leaves you hoping there will be a sequel which takes Dan up to the present. Warning—once you start the book, you can’t put it down.”

Full disclosure, Dan and your humble correspondent are 20th Company mates.


Excerpt from Page 115 written by corresponding secretary, Roland Marquis 20th Company, Class of 1964:

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