A Tearful Kiss of the Hands


She gracefully glided to the ebony grand, stretched each of her slender fingers

In a La Jolla retirement hotel rotunda before an aged piano donor with cane,

Filled with confidence, joy, and peace. Silence greeted her classical music recital.

Striking of the keys invigorated all with her passionate Bach invention.

Player and piano combined musical motion. The audience swayed with elation.

Young artist enthralled seniors’ senses. Melodies burst forth flowing freely.

Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Liszt, Bach and Chopin flooded the air with rapture.

At twenty two she undulated with lyrical rhythm, limber digits  liberated harmony.

Like fairies or graceful hummingbirds. Black dress shimmered long piano.

Elderly hands clapped syncopated joy. The donor arose with eyes ablaze,

Enthusiastic for a brief enchantment, held her hands and gave them a kiss.

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