Poetry Reading at Santa Monica “Moonday” January 26

Dan's Garden 2011

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Rapture Garden

Cut thick vines in sun

below tall pine and silver maple shadow,

plant scarlet acacias,

purple, red, yellow, and white rose bushes.

spray oasis with rainbows;

lift leaves and spread limbs of

peach, plum, apricot, and grapefruit dancers,

caress ripe fruit, ravish succulent flesh,

and lick lush juice.

savor symphony of fragrances, hues, and flavors.

Nature staggers my senses,

energizes my spirit,

and lavishes me with joy.

Facing North magnolia and peach left, two plum trees and grapefruit on right backyard  

Prolific Grapefruit Tree


Citrus Paradisi.

A grapefruit is not sweet.

The larger “forbidden fruit”

Resembles the orange and lemon.


Yellow oblate spheroids with

White segmented flesh,

While others are pink or red.

All glisten in the sun or rain.


Thirty-year evergreen friend

Twenty feet tall with rustling

Dark green leaves,

And white four-petaled flowers.


Tapering brown trunk reaches

Upward sending branches in

Tight bundles sheltering a

Seated observer in rain.


Her shade offers coolness,

Jasmine-sweet aroma,

An energizing tangy taste

From its juicy prolific produce.


Sun, moon, breeze, Nature’s brush,

Brightens or shades skins and leaves.

Random dappled hues

Dance with the wind.

Prolific grapefruit tree behind garden 2012

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