Rapture Garden April 2014

Cut thick vines in sun below tall pine and silver maple shadow.


Inhale intoxicating fumes from golden Brugmanzia angel trumpets and imagine them play Mozart horn concerto.


Bushy tailed husky brown and white squirrels feast on peanut feeder below while brilliant blues scrub jays cackle and swoop in couples to bird feeder tray above.


Plant scarlet acacias, purple, red, yellow, and white rose bushes and

spray garden with rainbows.


Bold yellow finches feast on black seed feeders.


Scarlet necked hummingbirds dart in pairs after marking territory with aerobatic swoops and poke long beaks into red and yellow sugar water bird feeders.


Taste dark green rosemary, light green spearmint and purple-plumed Mexican sage and smell their aromas. Rabbits scoot when I draw near.


Elongated entangled string of dark neon blue and bright pulsating purple Morning Glories at crest of sparkling silver fence separate Rapture Garden from verdant playing field.


Lift leaves and spread branches of peach, purple plum, orange apricot, and bright golden grapefruit dancers.


Caress their fruit, ravish their flesh, and lick their lush juices.


Savor harmonic symphony of fragrances, hues, and tastes that

stagger and spark my senses.


Energizes my spirit.


Nature lavishes me.




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