Unfair Military Discharge for Minor Mistakes Strips Vet of Benefits Earned

  Join us in protecting veterans from being denied care due to paperwork! Take a few minutes to sign the petition and hear from Josh Christmon, a Purple Heart recipient and U.S. Marine Corps combat veteran who served in Iraq who was wrongfully discharged with a “less than honorable” military discharge.


Here’s Why: Veterans are being denied life saving care they have earned for injuries and illness sustained in service. Too many service members are wrongfully discharged from the military for displaying symptoms of a mental health condition when they should have received mental health care and a diagnosis - instead they got dumped with bad paper.

It's time to stop harming our servicemembers and veterans over paperwork. If we really care about the troops, we must make sure our veterans get the care they have earned.

SIGN THE PETITION http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/protect-vets-from-losing   Winter Survival Water from canteen on soldier

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