Veterans Affairs Head Grilled Over Delays in Care For Returning Soldiers

After news that dozens of U.S. veterans died during long waits for medical treatment, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki testified Thursday before a senate committee about treatment delays and cover-ups at VA medical centers. The committee grilled him about recent claims that VA health clinics in Phoenix, Arizona, and Fort Collins, Colorado, used elaborate schemes to hide records of patients who waited too long for care, and suggested the problems may lead to a criminal investigation.

In a Democracy Now segment,  Aaron Glantz, who covers veterans and domestic military issues for The Center for Investigative Reporting, reveals some of the abuses affecting veterans with medical and psychiatric conditions that were not seen as a witness explains the "falsified" records showed. The video also shows a VA whistle-blower who says he was removed from his position as chief of psychiatry at a VA hospital in St. Louis after reporting unethical workplace conduct. Dr. Jose Mathews says he was demoted to the hospital's basement where he now works on compensation and pension exams. He is joined by his attorney Ariel Solomon.

Watch the 15-minute interview here:

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