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Tragically, all we’ve fought for in Iraq, all that 4,500 American lives were shed to gain, is on the cusp, potentially, of vanishing.

 - Mitt Romney, “Ideas Summit,” 6/13/2014
All we fought for in Iraq.
All we fought for in Iraq is on the cusp of vanishing.
That’s what Mitt Romney says.
We fought for. We fought for. We.
Oh, so it’s we now, is it, Mitt?
I must have missed you over there, but it was a busy place. We. The guy who helped set up “pro-draft” rallies and yet somehow managed to avoid service in Vietnam is upset about losing what “we” fought for? We.
Yeah, fuck you, Mitt.
And you’re all welcome to quote me on that.
(the rest of this excellent article has been removed from the original post from stonekettle station, but it is still posted in its entirety here with his full permission): http://aattp.org/absolutely-nothing-a-veterans-savage-indictment-of-the-iraq-war/
Peace love and understanding tell me Is there no place for them today They say we must fight to keep our freedom But Lord knows there's got to be a better way
War what is it good for Absolutely nothing… - Edwin Starr, “War” 1969
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